Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Malaysian Passport Renewal At High Commission Of Malaysia In Singapore

Just went to renew my Malaysian passport last week, and think that it would be good if I share my experience here.

Well actually there are still a few months to go before my passport expire but the parents and bf keep chasing me to renew it just in case I will have problem going back during CNY. Haha. And then since I'm kinda free from work recently, so I decided to renew it at High Commission of Malaysia on last Thursday (03/01/2012).

Now, before you go, you should have:
1) Current Malaysia Passport
2) Singapore NRIC (Both original and photocopy) 
3) Malaysia IC (Both original and photocopy)
4) 2 passport size photo with dark blue background
5) Exact amount of SGD 124

They do have photo booth and photocopy machine over there, but you can prepare all the above beforehand to save time queuing as quite many people will especially queue at the photo booth. Also, I have read somewhere before that someone had to go around to look for exact amount of SGD 124 cos they don't have change for you. Oh well, better safe than sorry la huh.

I took MRT till Tiong Bharu then from there I took cab to High Comm of Malaysia which is located along Jervois Road. (Just tell the cab driver High Comm of Malaysia/Malaysia大使馆then they will know.) Reached there around 0730 and saw the security guard just about to open the gate to let everyone in. Now, before you are allowed to enter the building, you will have to go to the security booth to change a visitor pass with any of you photo ID (I used my expired driving license to change.) You will be given a form together with the visitor pass.

At about 0745 the door is open for photo taking/photocopy and filling up the form. There will be a lady who going around to guide what to fill in, where to paste photo and check through all documents needed before she asked you to sit down and wait for the queue. 

The process is rather a quick and simple one (unless you're that suay like me, do everything system down and have to re-do haha), you queue with all your documents and form to get a queue slip number, then wait for them to call for your number. Pass all documents to them, press both side of your thumb on the finger print reader, press ink right thumb print on the form, make payment and voila, you're done!!!

However, please do note that you will have to come back on the day informed for passport collection. So, on the passport collection day, you again will have to change a visitor pass with a photo ID.My passport collection day was on Monday (07/01/2013), I reached there at about 1500, and that place was quite empty so I just go any empty booth, pass them my queue slip number then get my passport. : )

P/S (1) You should fill in your current address in Singapore instead of Malaysia.
        (2) Keep your queue slip number for collection of passport on the day informed. 

301 Jervois Road
Singapore 249077
Tel: 6235 0111  E-mail:singapore@imi.gov.my

Hope this post is helpful for those of you who wondering the procedure. 


  1. Hi there I would like to know for $124, how many years does the passport last ? also is there longer passport validity & how much does it cost ?

  2. Hi Sanjay, $124 last for 5 years n 5 years is the longest validity.

  3. may i know where to take photos with blue background?

  4. I took it at the photo booth there. Haha.

  5. Stupid question - do I have to surrender my existing passport while waiting to collect my new passport?

  6. Hi Micheal,

    They did took my passport and only return to me when I went to collect the new one.

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  8. Hi Alice...
    So it will take 4days overall right? (from the day you stated)
    You know anyway to download the forms... except from the high-com.?


  9. Dear Alice, thanks for sharing this. im preparing to renew my passport and need to find out more info and saw your blog here doing the sharing. May i know the passport that you renewed is biometric one or is old traditional type of passport? and i read it from somewhere that you need to take queue no then submit document in another day then collect the passport in another another day. is it true? thanks in advance for clarification.